dosn't show current grub menu

Asked by Jerry Luce on 2015-10-12

GC brings up a screen showing lots of outdated menus on previously used partitions, but not the current boot partition ( /dev/sda5 ). I wish to edit the /dev/sda5 menu and move my usual choice up 3 lines so if i forget to arrow down 3 lines, my usual selection will be at the top as the default. It seems like GC should be the tool, but I'm too dumb to use it. Thanks!

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This is a problem of the partition chooser. For any reason the grub 2 scripts (whch are not a part of grub customizer) are ignoring the current system. Because of this it's better to configure grub from the linux Installation it is installed on or alternatively using a live cd.

So my question: did you use the partition chooser of grub customizer or is it just the normal list that is showed up without any question?

Jerry Luce (goldfinger-7) said : #2

Thank you for your response & your time!
When I open grub customizer, the configuration list shows many lines of previous installations on several partitions, but not the current open partition. As far as I know, I've not used a "partition chooser". I will take your suggestion and configure grub from linux Installation.
Again, thank you very much!

Oh not to be understood wrong: with linux installation I didn't talk about the installation process but a system as it's installed.

If you have 2 systems - ubuntu 12.04 und 14.04 for example, and your current grub is on 12.04 then you should either use 12.04 to configure or install grub from 14.04 bit not use the partition chooser to achive that.

The partition chooser was just an idea. If this isn't the case, then it's courious. GC just calls grub-mkconfig to find the menuentries. So your current grub menu should be broken too. Maybe your current grub is places on another partition?

Please run "sudo grub-mkconfig" and tell me whether your current system is there or not. Just look at the "menuentry" blocks that are displayed when running this command on command line.