turn off grub2 dual boot

Asked by Jack Erbes on 2015-07-27

I want to use EasyBCD to dual boot between Windows 7 and Mint 17.2. If I just uncheck the visibility settings in the Grub Customizer does that effectively turn grub2 off?

Thank you for all your good work on the Grub Customizer! It is wonderful!


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So you want to use the windows bootloader on top (easybcd is just the configuration tool). Grub 2 is still required in this case as the windows loader cannot boot linux. However it can chainload to another boot sector. First thing you have to do is installing grub 2 to your linux partition instead of mbr (grub-install /dev/sda1 if sda1 is your linux partition). Then you can add this partition to your windows loader. Now, before removing windows from grub 2, reboot. You should still see grub 2. When selecting windows, you should get the boot menu of windows. Try to load linux from here. You should see grub 2 again. Then start linux. If this all works, the first step is to install the windows bootloader to mbr (don't know how it works, think this is somewhere included inside easybcd). After doing this, restart to verify. Then you still have to hide grub 2 on startup. All you have to do is to untick "look for other operating systems" as well as "show menu". Then save the configuration.

Jack Erbes (jacker-k) said : #2

Thank you for the help!