after ubuntu upgrade grub customizer loads up an old, out of date GRUB menu for editing

Asked by ThreefoldBurly on 2015-05-01

After Ubuntu upgrade (from utopic to vivid) Grub Customizer loads up an old, out of date GRUB menu for editing and displays the "Script updates found. Click save to apply the changes!" notification. I'm in no hurry to override my current new, after-upgrade menu that works with the old, out of date one, but I would indeed like to edit it, so how do I make GC load up the new menu for editing?

I tried to seek and destroy the GC configuration files but it seems there's nothing in the home directory and what I found with locate command is kinda all over the place and doesn't look much to me like config files. Do I really need to reinstall GC to make it drop the old menu? Seems a bit over the top.

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ThreefoldBurly (greatorety) said : #1

Update: I reinstalled GC, but the problem persists.

The "Script updates found" essentially removes duplicate menuentries (which appear because of duplicated grub scripts).

The duplication problem happens after updates because grub customizer has to move the scripts. New grub scripts are always placed at their original positions. So grub customizer creates a config at /etc/grub.d/.script_sources.txt and uses this file to determine such an update. Then if there's a new 30_os-prober, for example, it replaces the 11_os-prober (let's assume you moved it to this position) by the new script.

When you press save, you'll just save the same thing as you see.

What makes you thinking it's an out-of-date grub menu?

ThreefoldBurly (greatorety) said : #3

I didn't move anything but I was prompted (twice as far as I remember) during the Ubuntu upgrade about some Grub files (keep old version or replace with the new one - I chose the latter as I think not letting the upgrade script to do what it wants is a good way to end up with a broken upgrade).

I think it's an out-of-date grub menu because it's exactly the same as the one before the upgrade and not the one I boot with now (it lacks an entry for Ubuntu 15.04). Do you thinks it's safe to let it save it (as far as I understand it, it still gonna fire up update-grub, so the new entries should appear in the saved menu, right?) or maybe deleting this config file you mentioned (/etc/grub.d/.script_sources.txt) would remedy the situation?

ThreefoldBurly (greatorety) said : #4

BTW is there a way to reset GC to a fresh state (like after the first installation)? I would be happy to do just that. Should I try the "Change Environment..." option? That is what I'm intending to do right now. Of course, after cloning the whole disk. I don't like surprises :)

ThreefoldBurly (greatorety) said : #5

OK. I resolved the issue. You were right. IT WAS the current menu it just looked like the old one. I had changed the default entries' names before and they are retained. I should've spotted earlier the "default name: Ubuntu" in small case under the first entry, that got across to me at last :). Thank you for your assistance. GC is an indispensable tool for any Linux user.

Nice to see you solved the problem.

Anyway I want to answer your question:

> BTW is there a way to reset GC to a fresh state (like after the first installation)?

Yes, there's a button "revert" (on the right side of the toolbar) which resets the list configuration (the appearance settings wont be touched).