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Asked by archp2008 on 2014-07-25

I have a complex multiboot system of 10 Linux systems (3 Mint, 6 Ubuntu, 1 Mageia) and 5 Windows OS's. Lately I have been having trouble when updating certain of the Ubuntu distros, especially Kubuntu. After the update the OS probe is run the same as after doing an installation. The result is that the customized grub menu is removed and I get the type of menu that I would get after installing a new Linux OS. I have to go back into Mint 16 where I have Grub Customizer installed, make the necessary changes, save and rewrite the new customized Grub. This spoils an hour of time for me each time it happens. One of the effects is that I get a list of Advanced Ubuntu Options in the menu which I remove but come back upon rebooting. Is there a way to keep this from happening?

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archp2008 (archwparsons) said : #1

I seem to have the menu working ok now but the 4 of the 6 Windows OS's are not booting. This just happened today. Could editing the menu stop the various Windows OS's from booting as well. The Windows XP just gives a blank screen with no drive activity. Other Windows OS's start to boot but keep restarting a few seconds later.

I don't know what's happened there… but generally grub customizer has two ways to find related menuentries for your configurations:

 - by name: if the original name (including path) stays the same as when configured first time, your entry config is preserved
 - by content (stored as hash): this is useful if the original name / path is changed (ex: moved the "Advanced Options")

To improve the behavior I have to know what's been changed when updating the kernel.

About your boot problems (comment 1): Did you install the wrong grub to MBR? Otherwise - no idea… but I don't think it's grub customizer related.

archp2008 (archwparsons) said : #3

Thanks again for the reply. If this happens agqain following a kernel update, how can I ascertain what has been changed to tell you. All I know is that after the updates, I lose the customized menu. I just get a basic grub menu without the image or any other specifics I have previously changed. When I go back to the OS where Grub Customizer is installed I can get most of it back. One of the problems is that there are multiple occurrences of folders named "Advanced Ubunut Options" and inside each folder there are various options for a specific distro. I didn't want these because they push the main items below the bottom of the screen. I tried removing them but upon rebooting they kept coming back. I have found since that moving them to the bottom of the menu causes them to disappear when they get near the bottom.
With respect to the Windows boot problems I encountered that was unrelated and apparently due to a boot sector virus which I contracted. I ssume it happened when I ran a file called EZPass_Corner_Brook.exe which I received in an email. At least the problem occurred immediately after I rebooted following execution of that file. Hackers alwasy associate the city Corner Brook with my IP address. I am hoping I have no further problems with phishing as a result of this infection. Info here: http://www.laobserved.com/archive/2014/07/new_phishing_scam_e-zpass.php
I used TDSSKiller by Kaspersky Labs to cure the problem.

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