Numbered default when next kernel version arrives?

Asked by wub on 2012-01-02

Love the new grub, so glad that non-maintainers now need a custom GUI app to control local boot order on 'our' machines.

Anyway, I have a concern about the default boot option I just selected. In the Preferences drop-down list, the boot options were not presented by number only, but with a descriptive text. This was very helpful to me, so that I could be sure I was selecting the correct option as the default. I chose item 6, also the last item in the list.

But next time (my distro) updates my kernel version, and before I use the package manager to clean out the unneeded version, I will no longer have only 6 items in my boot list, but likely 8. Will the default remain at position 6, which will not be the same item then as it is now? I mention this, because ALL the Linux options are always first in the list. My wife (whose system we are discussing) prefers to boot Windows, which is always last on the list.

In particular, I do NOT want her to blindly boot by default into the Windows Recovery System, which is currently item 5. I suppose I should 'do the right thing' and excise this partition from her drive altogether, but I would rather not do that.

How do I ensure that after an update, and before I run the Customizer again (I may forget to do this...), I retain control of the identity of the default boot option?

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The Selection box has two columns. The first one specifies the default entry by number, the second one specifies the entry by its title. So you should use the second way. This works as long as the title doesn't change.

Alternatively, you could move the Windows entry / os-prober script to the top of the list and select entry 1 as default.

wub (wub) said : #2

Thank you for a prompt and successful response. I did not realize the text in the drop-down menu was a distinct column, available to be selected as the default boot option.