cannot change menu background

Asked by Albert Wagner on 2011-12-06

Using Linux Mint 11 on a Dell 2400/1.5GiB,
I tried using every possible combination in Grub Customer 2.4.1->Preferences->Appearance:
custom resolution off
custom resolution on & 640x480|image size 1600x1000|screen size 1920x1080
colors normal=white/black
colors hightlight=yellow/black
background= ~/ladybug.jpg | ~/ladybug.png | several others varied resolutions set.

These changes always showed up in Preferences>Advanced,
Yet no image ever showed up behind the boot menu.

However, I found an image file of graduated grey, currently behind the menu, in
/boot/grub labeled linuxmint.png. I replaced this file with ladybug.png which now shows behind the menu.

I hope that there is something here that is useful to you when you have the time ;-)

Also, do you have plans to make a version of Grub Customizer that will run on Debian?
I always have several OSes installed at once and your tool is invaluable. Thank you for your efforts and a fine product.

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This is an ugly behaviour of Grub 2 >= 1.99 (Ubuntu 11.04): images in /boot/grub overriding the configuration file. So please remove linuxmint.png or whatever you moved to this directory, then do an update-grub (or click the save button of Grub Customizer again). Then the image should be visible.

About debian: Grub Customizer is able to run on debian, but you have to compile it yourself (see or download and install the .deb file from my ubuntu ppa (but the ppa way may be a problem because of incompatibilities between ubuntu and debian). I try to put grub customizer into the debian repository, but without success until now :-( see

Albert Wagner (albertwagner) said : #2

Yes. Thank you very much.