Error when adding .png background

Asked by Wayne Alligood on 2011-03-25

Created a .png (1600x900) background image and applied it. When I reboot, I get this error message that reads that the foreground color (grey) is invalid. When I hit the enter key, I'm taken to the grub menu and it looks exactly the way I wanted it.

Question . . . How do I resolve the error message - "Foreground color (grey) is invalid"?

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Hmm grey isn't one of the selectable foreground colors in grub customizer… did you write this manually to your /etc/default/grub? Please check this file.

Message reads, "Invalid foreground color is gray." This WAS NOT done manually but through Grub Customizer.

ok, so please tell me:
 * which colors are selected on the settings dialog (appearance tab)
 * which colors are written to the configuration (entry GRUB_COLOR_NORMAL and GRUB_COLOR_HIGHLIGHT in the advanced tab of grub customizer or /etc/default/grub)

In answer to your question, "Which colors are selected on the settings dialog (appearance tab)?"

font color - normal: white
                      highlight: black

background - transparent

There are no entries in the advanced tab for GRUB_COLOR_NORMAL OR GRUB_COLOR_HIGHLIGHT.

Ah, I found the problem: The file /usr/share/desktop-base/ (which has been created by grub customizer) defines gray as the default foreground text color. I'll fix this.

To solve the problem, simply switch one of the menu colors in the settings dialog. This will write the options GRUB_COLOR_NORMAL and GRUB_COLOR_HIGHLIGHT to your configuration - and then this default value won't be used anymore.

I followed your instructions and the error message disappeared . . . program is working without a flaw. I appreciate your program, your effort, your time and your skills.

Have a GREAT day!