Is the Projects directory configurable to a different location?

Asked by adamgmetzler

Is there a way to configure GC to use a different directory than Projects? I currently have all my dev projects sorted by language in the Projects directory and don't want to mess them up by trying out GC. So, is it safe to already have a Projects directory with stuff in it?

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Martin Owens
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Martin Owens (doctormo) said :

It's fine to have a Projects directory with none ground control stuff in them, I know I do.

I have the same thing as you, I actually have my ground control development directory in ~/Projects/python/ground-control/ and I moved it there when I loaded it up from ground control without any ill health.

the idea is that it's compartmentalised so you can move the projects anywhere and they should still work.

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Best Martin Owens (doctormo) said :

Oh right, and you can reconfigure the projects dir too, if you want to.

See: ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs

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adamgmetzler (adamgmetzler) said :

Oh, so there is a XDG_GROUNDCONTROL or XDG_GC variable? OK I will install the ppa and give it a try then, thanks.

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Nick Trew (vxnick) said :

Further to this, is it possible to have GroundControl work within sub-directories?

For example, if I create a test directory within "Projects", the GC bar doesn't show up.

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Martin Owens (doctormo) said :

Yes, in v1.5 you have to only make a new empty file called .groundcontrol in the directory

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Timmie (timmie) said :

This works now great!

Maybe the configuration dialog could now have a option:

"enable groundcontrol directory" which will let you pick a directory where the .groundcontrol file wil be created.

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Patrick Dickey (pdickeybeta) said :

Maybe a context menu item could be created for Nautilus and/or Dolphin (as I use both, for example), which will do the "enable GroundControl Directory" option. Or something like "GroundControl > include directory" and "GroundControl > Exclude directory", which will allow the user to enable or disable GroundControl on a directory and subdirectories.

You'd probably have to make something like this:

GroundControl >
                           Include directory
                           Include directory and all subdirectories
                           Exclude directory (and all subdirectories)

Have a great day:)