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Asked by Simeon

As seen here ( ) and experienced by myself with the german imdb plugin, it is currently not working right.
Knowing that this has been a problem for some time now and that constantly updating it is tedious, would it be worth trying to work with an API to query IMDB?
I know IMDB doesnt really provide one, but there seem to be several others providing something similar:

Have you considered using these?

I was pretty active back when the berlios forums were open but lost interest over time. Now I am again looking for a movie manager and came across Griffith again.

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Michael (mikej06) said :

Welcome back!
In the past I thought about such APIs. But I didn't find the time to check them out.
It would be great if you have the time to improve the plugin.

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Simeon (simeon5) said :

I will take a look at the plugin(s) and see if I can hack something together and then you can take a look at it as my python skills are more or less on a "pythons are snakes, right?"-level :)
I am impressed you're still active with Griffith!

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Michael (mikej06) said :

I try to keep Griffith alive. That means I answer questions and fix bugs.
But I don't find the time to implement new features.
It would be great if you can enhance the IMDb plugin. I will review it and put it in the repository if you are finished with it.