How to set Destination up for replicated data

Asked by Juan on 2016-06-29


I'm trying to find a way to specify the destination for the replicated data when setting REPLICATION_FACTOR up

e.g. Let's say I have carbon-relay sending data to two carbon-cache instances and and I want to setup the replication so it sends the replicated data to two new instances and

Is it possible at all?


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Denis Zhdanov (deniszhdanov) said : #1

You can do that using two more relays -
But usually is much easier to have 4 hosts behind single relay with RF=2

Del Otto (zombie343) said : #2

  Why are 4 hosts and 1 relay needed with RF=2? I expected you to say 1 relay host and 2 cache hosts, but you said 4 hosts. I am very confused. Please elaborate? Thank you!

Denis Zhdanov (deniszhdanov) said : #3

TC wanted to increased RF when scaling up from 2 nodes to 4. You can or use 2 tier relays or just have 4 hosts and RF=2

Del Otto (zombie343) said : #4

Thank you Denis!

Is there a benefit to 2 tiers of carbon relay?

Can a VIP load-balance two carbon relays that connect to another tier ifv2 rekays? (Double redundancy)

Basically, in your 1-relay 4-cache example, how can we build some redundancy into one tier 1 relay or 2 tiers of relays?

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