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Asked by Cody Stevens on 2012-10-31

Since upgrading from 0.9.8 to 0.9.10 the tree in the graphite web interface has been timing out and not loading. After verifying that all permissions are correct and httpd is running as proper user etc. the problem persisted. We have a script generating the index file which includes a number of links etc. This was working fine in 0.9.8, the index file is 52 MB and has 841337 lines ( on the box in question). This index only has the metrics local to the box. After moving the index file and restarting httpd there is a new 0 byte file in place and we no longer have the problem with the webui tree not populating. Did the format of the index file perhaps change between 0.9.8 and 0.9.10? All the logs seem to indicate it loads correctly but it makes the web UI unusable.

FWIW, we still have a 0.9.8 box that is hosting the same exact metrics and indexing the same way that does not exhibit the problem. ( In fact it actually has more entries at 899768 lines)

For now we have disabled the cron that auto generates the index file.


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Cody Stevens (cody-stevens) said :

I figured this out. Enabling the WSGIImportScript directive to load the indexes before any requests are handled seems to have fixed the issue. It is documented in the graphite.wsgi.example file but the directive is typo'ed.

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Dave Rawks (drawks) said :

please submit fix for typoed directive or provide a correction in this support thread such that someone can commit a fix.

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Cody Stevens (cody-stevens) said :

I looked at the repo and it looks like at least one commit has already been submitted

It just wasn't in the version I had.