collectd data - whisper only keeping last datapoint

Asked by Charlie Schluting ☃


I recently started using collectd to shove metrics in graphite. It worked well on small scale for a few days, but when I rolled it out everywhere, I began noticing that data were getting "lost".

All my other data/whisper files are fine. But when I look at collectd data, I only see the latest datapoint.
I'm using to get data to graphite.. and at one point, I had changed the collectd interval from 10s to 60s -- I thought "hmm, perhaps like RRD, I'll have to start over" ... I deleted the whisper files for collectd, and sure enough I started seeing data. But the next day, this is my data:

drawAsInfinite(,1338139200,1340731200,600|None,None,None,None,None,.... followed by ~1000 "None" items.

The mtime on the files are all recent - around 1 minute. Therefore collectd is sending, and I don't have any relay-rules or other craziness causing this - data is getting there... but only one data point is kept :(

Anyone experienced this? Or have ideas for debugging steps?

Thanks :)


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Nicholas Leskiw (nleskiw) said :

What does your $graphite_root/conf/storage-schemas.conf file look like?
Also, what does $graphite_root/storage/whisper/stats/prod/ops/collectd/apiservices-a012/memory/buffered.wsp return?

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Charlie Schluting ☃ (cschluti) said :

Hi, thanks for the reply. Answers below:

> Nicholas Leskiw requested more information:
> What does your $graphite_root/conf/storage-schemas.conf file look like?

priority = 110
pattern = ^stats\..*
retentions = 10:2160,60:10080,600:262974

(and then a similar stats_counts section, which doesn't apply here (and
we blacklist those anyway))

> Also, what does $graphite_root/storage/whisper/stats/prod/ops/collectd/apiservices-a012/memory/buffered.wsp return?

Ooh, I didn't know about whisper-info. Looks sane to me, but I'm not
super familiar with whisper yet.


maxRetention: 157784400
xFilesFactor: 0.5
aggregationMethod: average
fileSize: 3302620

Archive 0
retention: 21600
secondsPerPoint: 10
points: 2160
size: 25920
offset: 52

Archive 1
retention: 604800
secondsPerPoint: 60
points: 10080
size: 120960
offset: 25972

Archive 2
retention: 157784400
secondsPerPoint: 600
points: 262974
size: 3155688
offset: 146932

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Best Nicholas Leskiw (nleskiw) said :

Your xFilesFactor is set to 0.5, try changing it to 0. --xFilesFactor 0 MIN_LOAD_AVG.wsp 10:21600 60:10080 600:262974

You can set that value in storage-schemas.conf for all new metrics as well.

priority = 110
pattern = ^stats\..*
retentions = 10:2160,60:10080,600:262974
xFilesFactor = 0

Keep in mind priority is ignored now, the patterns are tested in the order that they're listed in the file and the first match is used.

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Charlie Schluting ☃ (cschluti) said :

Thanks Nicholas Leskiw, that solved my question.