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Asked by Francois Mikus

Hello Michael,

What are your thoughts on 0.9.10.

I find that Graphite in its current state is very viable with a few exceptions. Have you identified the blockers for a 0.9.10 release.

Here are my suggestions:

Make the events framework documented and usable.
Cleanup the web interface
  - Make saving, sharing and write protecting graphs and dashboards possible and/or easier
  - Cleanup the events interface
Choose one topic and document it thoroughly (maybe other power users can also document some sections!)

Or release 0.9.10 and then purely concentrate on bringing megacarbon out as a quick 1.0 release.

I am happy with Graphite (with the exception of the events framework which I can't get to work correctly), The Shinken team is really working hard at integrating it out of the box in the Shinken WebUI. Other work is planned on briging it to the MK Multisite UI.

I know, I am patiently waiting for Ceres, but hey 0.9.10 and megacarbon are the first steps. ;-)


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Best Michael Leinartas (mleinartas) said :

We don't have any blockers left at this point (that I know of..), We're mainly trying to get things cleaned up as much as possible to be comfortable with those who will choose to stay on 0.9.10 for a while. The megacarbon changes that will be introduced after 0.9.10 include some breaking changes in the way carbon is configured and I suspect there will be many people who hold off upgrading for a while because of it.

A few good fixes have been merged into the webapp recently, but at this point there wont be any major effort put into it. Events... are still experimental (though I'm not sure if they're marked as such). There was a fix just added to fix the display of Events in the admin interface but other than that it wont get any work before the release.

This release we've been mainly concentrating on fixing bugs (many of which were long-standing) and making sure contributions were looked at and merged. Improvements to documentation will hopefully be done before or just after the release - they are certainly quite incomplete at the moment.

Megacarbon should be merged soon after this release and the good news is that it will include the Ceres code from the (now defunct) 1.1 branch. Once it's merge, trunk will be considered experimental for some time but should always remain usable as it will certainly be in use in production environments by at least a few of us.

I've been happy to see that Shinken has been making good progress and it's great that Graphite support is being added directly.

Thanks for your interest in the project

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Francois Mikus (fmikus) said :

Thank you for taking time to respond.

It is much appreciated. It is important for us to understand how Graphite continues to evolve. There is a good backlog of various patches and corrections. Having gone back and run through the majority of the bugs listed. I am sure everyone involved with Graphite appreciates the effort to clear them up.

As an aside, the events framework is a very nice feature, kudos to the developer who added it. I hear you on the experimental side of things and understand it is not a core feature.

fallocate might be a good candidate for inclusion in 0.9.10. It will provide some IO relief in dynamic environments.

I expect Shinken will surprise a lot of people and will bring a lot more visibility to Graphite. I am personally very enthusiastic about graphite and will certainly continue to look for ways to contribute. Documentation and ideas in all likelihood.


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Francois Mikus (fmikus) said :

Thanks Michael Leinartas, that solved my question.