URL parameter or setting to auto-hide navbar on dashboard view

Asked by Rob P

  As the subject states. I would like to know if there is a way to launch the dashboard view with the navigation bar already collapsed.


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Michael Leinartas (mleinartas) said :

This was added in r591 which will be in the next release. The change makes it so that loading a new dashboard view shows the nav bar, but loading an existing dashboard loads the nav bar collapsed

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Rob P (rabi3) said :

Makes sense. Thanks for the response.

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Chris Toomey (ctoomey) said :

I'm using version 0.9.10 and am not seeing this behavior. If I enter a dashboard URL of the form http://.../dashboard/#name it loads with the nav bar open. Did this not make it in after all?

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Jason Clint (jtclint-e) said :

+1 to this looks like this got added:

  // Load initial dashboard state if it was passed in
  if (initialState) {

but isn't working correctly.

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Jan-Helge (jhberges) said :

Seems that the global variable in dashboard/index.html in the first <head><script> stanza, does not get set later on.

Looking at the function getInitialState() at line 2269 of dashboard.js, it seems to only update the graph particulars (nevermind the ambiguity of get/set -- but the global var is unchanged.)

Then the altered code mentioned above by Jason Clint wil never be executed (the global var always being NULL).

It's a bit difficult to se what the intent is, with a simple glance - but perhaps the global was intented to be set by the "getInitialState()" (or a return value from that method?)

// JHB

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Björn Skoglund (bsk) said :

Hello!, Has there been any updates to this issue? We believe we're seeing the problem in 0.9.12 as well.

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Christopher May-Townsend (s-chrzs-q) said :

I also have the same problem, an old instance running 0.9.10 seems to work fine, a brand new one running 0.9.12-3 doesn't.

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Christopher May-Townsend (s-chrzs-q) said :

Actually, my issue seems to be related to the fact that sharing dashboards doesn't seem to be working for me, they come up empty with the completer.