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Asked by Jimmy

How do you configure whilelist or blacklist metrics? From the documentation: http://readthedocs.org/docs/graphite/en/latest/config-carbon.html my understanding is

1) in carbon.conf

WHITELISTS_DIR = /opt/graphite/storage/lists/

2) put a file in WHITELISTS_DIR with the regex line you want to use. Does the file have to be a specific name, i.e. whitelist.conf?

carbon-cache still writes out the whisper files after completing steps 1 and 2.

Also, how do you configure the blacklist file? Do I have to use regular expressions to match a string not containing a word?

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Michael Leinartas
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Best Michael Leinartas (mleinartas) said :

Are you using a recent checkout of trunk? The new whitelist functionality described in the latest docs has only been committed for about a month.

Yes, it expects 'whitelist.conf' and 'blacklist.conf' unless another file is specified on the commandline (with --whitelist and --blacklist).

The blacklist works with regular expressions in the same way as the whitelist - if anything in the blacklist matches, it'll be rejected. You dont need to do a negated regular expression or anything to use it.

I'll update the docs to be more clear about the filename

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Jimmy (jimmyattime) said :

Thanks Michael Leinartas, that solved my question.

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Jimmy (jimmyattime) said :

I was using an older version than the one in trunk. Can the new whitelist functionality code can be merged into the current release of carbon without using the rest of new updates in trunk? So far my testing seems to indicate so but wanted to check.

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Michael Leinartas (mleinartas) said :

It does apply cleanly to 0.9.9. You can download the diff for the revision it was added here: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~graphite-dev/graphite/main/revision/675