How can i develop a completely new Graphite Dashboard UI?

Asked by Hertzel Karbasi on 2011-07-06


Your assistance in following questions would be much appreciated:
1. Is the Django webapp open source, and could be used in a commercial cloud service?

2. I Want to use Graphite as my framework for mass monitoring but would like touse/rewrite totally the dashboard UI Webapp, by other moder SVG/Canvas libraries.
Is there some other Dashboards Webapps for Graphite?
What's the best approach/directions for developing a new webapp for grapgite?

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Matt Snow (matt-mattsn0w) said : #1

i'm guessing by the lack of reply from the dev team is in part due to your questions.
The webapp source is browsable/viewable here:
The License is here:

I've not found any other webapp/front-ends for graphite, but i've not done extensive internet searching either. the source is all there and there is some documentation as well. I think a good initial approach is to write a new webapp would be to examine the existing one to determine how it interacts with carbon and/or raw whisper db files.

chrismd (chrismd) said : #2

Many Graphite users have custom UI's, but just about all of them (that I'm aware of) do not publish them as open source. Generally they are site-specific and range in complexity from a wiki page containing a few important graphs to full-featured dashboard management suites. In fact I wrote a very awesome UI for my last company, Sears, which I was unfortunately not allowed to publish as open source. Recently I've been working on a new dashboard UI for Graphite, a super basic version is in the 0.9.8 release but the stuff in trunk is much more advanced. But anyways, back to your question...

There are two approaches you can take to building a custom UI. The simple approach is to have Graphite render the graphs for you, so you can manipulate image URLs to manipulate the graphs. The harder approach (that has more potential for awesomeness) is to only fetch raw datapoints from Graphite and to render them on your own somehow (perhaps new ExtJS4 charts?). I do not have a library or anything for you to use to do this, but a simple Ajax call should work just fine (you use the same URL as for a graph of the data but add &format=json to the querystring.

That covers the actual graphing, as far as navigating the metric hierarchy there are various Ajax interfaces depending on how you want to present the metrics (tree navigation, autocompletion, search, etc...). None are well documented yet but if you have a particular approach you want to take let me know and I can explain the API.

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