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Asked by Kevin

  First thank you for the great work, graphite is a awesome (from Boston) way to trend and visualize. My questions are around the new dashboard feature. I would like to be able to choose multiple targets (ie. apache.east.*.rps jboss.west.cali.*.rps) on the same dashboard graph. I would also like to pass in params like width & hight, from=-2hours, for a specific graph.

Looks like I can not override params which are defined on a dashboard graph? otherwise I could pass in these values into the Ajax UI in the Params: target=apache.east.*.rps option. Is there a way to do this?


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chrismd (chrismd) said :

If you left click on a graph a box will popup that lets you edit the target expression and params for the graph. This can be used to customize them one by one, also in the Graphs menu click 'Default Graph Params' and there you can set defaults that will apply to all graphs. You cannot override time or size params this way though, those have to be changed through the time buttons & Graph Size function.

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Kevin (kevmcs11) said :

Thanks for your response, but when I click on the 'Graphs menu', I only see "resize" "remove all". I am running 0.9.8 graphite web.

I ended up changing 'webapp/content/js/dashboard.js'

var NOT_EDITABLE = ['from', 'until', 'width', 'height', 'uniq'];
// var NOT_EDITABLE = ['from', 'until', 'width', 'height', 'target', 'uniq'];

which now allows me to choose any target per graph. This would be a great feature to have in the trunk.


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Dave Rawks (drawks) said :

You can already choose any target per graph by using the "group" function to specify multiple metric series. I.E. target=group(host.metric.a,host.metric.b)

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Kevin (kevmcs11) said :

great, this is helpful. Can we add this to documentation some where?

I was using:

I assume it will live:

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chrismd (chrismd) said :

FYI, in the latest trunk you can drag-hover-drop to merge graphs, essentially just combining the targets. Plus various other cool features.