Has GRM been used for vaping recipes?

Asked by Bobww

Vaping is using e-liquid vapor instead of smoking. Vaping e liquid is very similar to food recipes. Has anyone tried to use the Gourmet Recipe manager for this purpose?
What I'm trying to achieve: I have a recipes that are composed of X,Y, and Z. I would like to find out how many recipes contain the Y ingredient.
Would this application software allow me to search and create a list of the Y ingredient?

Other examples:
I would like to find out how many recipes contain X and Y only. Would I be able to search and create a list of X and Y ingredients?
X ingredient is described by .123 (some unit of measure). Can I search for all X ingredients with .123 (some unit of measure)?
I have titles to my recipes which might look like chocolate peanut butter donut. Could I search for all recipes that have peanut butter in the title of the recipe?
And so on?

If the above is possible, I think you might have a lot of Microsoft and Mac users downloading this software. Currently most of these users are using a Microsoft based program that appears to be inferior to GRM. Linux users can download Wine and some distros will allow it but with varying degrees of success. I'm committed to open source programs.
 Note, I'm using:
HP Pavilion dv1000,2K ram
32-bit,Linux Mint cinnamon 17 Qiana

System: Host: bob-HP-Pavilion-dv1000-EH439UA-ABA Kernel: 3.13.0-24-generic i686 (32 bit, gcc: 4.8.2)
Desktop: Gnome Distro: Linux Mint 17 cinnamon Qiana
Current and updated.

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Best Bernhard Reiter (ockham-razor) said :

I think most of what you're looking for -- like searching by title, ingredient, and combining multiple criteria -- should be possible with Gourmet, except maybe for ".123 (some unit of measure) X"; for an overview of Gourmet's searching capabilities, see https://thinkle.github.io/gourmet/#search

You shouldn't need Wine to run Gourmet on Linux, as current versions of Gourmet are available from most distributions' package managers, including Mint's; http://community.linuxmint.com/software/view/gourmet says that Qiana has Gourmet version 0.17.0-1ubuntu1, which is pretty similar to 0.17.4, our current release.

(BTW, I'm actually developing on Linux; only the creation of the Windows installer is done on Windows.)

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Harald Franzen (harald-franzen-lotcavediving) said :

I concur with Bernhard; you can actually -easily- find the recipes that contain ingredient X, Y or Z.

Searching on the quantity, so .123 "units" is -as far as I know- not possible, but honestly, that would be strange for a software that will scale quantities for you (so the user can enter recipes in ANY quantity; be it for one serving or for a hundred servings).

Gourmet does not need Wine to run; it will run impeccably on Linux (I use Ubuntu 14.04 myself).

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Bobww (bobww9) said :

Sounds like Gourmet will run. Synaptic shows gourmet server installed but
no client installed. This would be fixed by just downloading from the
proper site I hope.
Question: Is there a tutorial (how to use) for the Gourmet program and need
a link?
I think I found a similar program called: *AnyMeal* is a *recipe database
program for Linux.*

Is this the same program as Gourmet? If not:
Question: Is there a tutorial for the AnyMeal program and need a link?
                  Which one of these programs would be better for my use?
I basically want to use the program to search list of similar titles or
ingredients which would provide me with a title that the ingredient is
listed in. Ideally the program would allow me to see all the recipes with
that one ingredient.
If you do not know about AnyMeal no problem. I happy that Gourmet question
received an answer.

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Bobww (bobww9) said :

Down loaded GRM and is working as advertised. Search function for two recipes works.

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Bobww (bobww9) said :

Thanks Bernhard Reiter, that solved my question.