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Asked by Pavel Chunzhin on 2013-07-29

Hi, everyone.
Very basic question but I am a librarian rather than programmer so please bear with me. I am trying to get started with testing Goobi production on my local machine (Win8). I have installed tomcat and mysql community 5.5 locally and placed mysql-connector to tomcat/lib. But accessing localhost:8080/goobi/index.jsp results in "ResourcePool could not acquire a resource" error. So I assume I should somehow configure tomcat and mysql to get them talking to each other. Could you give me some instructions on what should be done?

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Hi Pavel,

this error can have a multitude of causes, but most probably a wrong database connection. The error message comes from the C3P0 caching library:

There are some questions to consider:
1. Which version of Goobi did you try?
2. How did you configure your hibernate.cfg.xml?
3. Is your database accessible with the configured credentials?

Can you provide some more information on the error? The Goobi log file and/or hibernate configuration would be helpful to drill down on the exact cause. *Please mind to not accidentally post any credentials!*

Pavel Chunzhin (pchun) said : #2

Hi, Ralf
Well, it seems I am totally out of my depth here.
1) Goobi.Production package I’ve downloaded is labelled goobi-ce-1.8.3.
2) Apparently I've just messed up something during first mysql installation. So after trying it one more time I’ve finally managed to properly access index.jsp page (my hibernate.cfg refers to local installation of mysql via 3306 port and some empty database I’ve created for test purposes). But it just brings up “Goobi home page” with login form. How should I proceed from there? Where should I declare those Goobi username and password to get them accepted by the webapp later? What specific tables should I create in that test database of mine to get it working properly? Sorry for asking such basic questions but I wasn’t able to find any documentation on Goobi whatsoever apart from several wiki pages in German which unfortunately I don’t speak.

There are two SQL init scripts in the setup/ directory. Apply setup/schema.sql to create the database schema and setup/defaults.sql to add basic user groups and test users.

The lack of documentation is still an issue. There is no easy way to fully setup Goobi from scratch. Usually institutions contact one of the Goobi service providers to get help with installation and setup at scale. As far as I know they also provide test installations.


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