What does Invalid opcode or psedo op means??

Asked by Reeju V on 2012-08-09

I have problems with the execution of the program.Each time i try to execute the below program i get an error msg as Invalid opcode or Psedo op at line 10. what exactly does this mean??

       Program to find whether a given number is prime or not
    1 LDA 2400
    2 MOV C,A
    3 CPI 02H
    4 JZ L1
    5 CPI 01H
    6 JZ L2
    7 CPI 01H
    8 JZ L2
    9 MVI B,02H
  10 L3:SUB B
  11 JZ L2
  12 JZ L3
  13 INR B
  14 MOV A,C
  15 CMP B
  16 JZ L1
  17 JNZ L3
  18 L1:MOV A,01H
  19 STA 2401
  20 JMP 2032
  21 L2:MVI A,0E
  22 STA 2401
  23 CALL 06FA
  24 HLT

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Best Onkar Shinde (onkarshinde) said : #1

The problem seems to be the absence of space after 'L3:' at line 10 and other lines. Because of this the application is not able to identify that it is a label and tries to parse 'L3:SUB' as an instruction.

Reeju V (reejuvarghese) said : #2

Thanks. It Worked .