"All Programs" does not work

Asked by Bachsau on 2009-07-18

The link to "All Programs" simply does not work... So the menu is completely useless.

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Bachsau (bachsau) said : #1

Oh... using ubuntu jaunty and the xp silver theme

technoshaun (shaun-marolf) said : #2

That is there to create the complete XP look. "All Programs" would be redundant under the Gnome Menu structure which is in the program menu list. Please understand that the XP and Vista menus are emulations not exact copies and will not, nor ever, function exactly like the Windows Menus.

Bachsau (bachsau) said : #3

So where to find my applications in the menu, when this entry is just a dummy?!?

PS: You can't make a software better, if you always close bugs after they're created. Sadly, this seems to be general practice on launchpad... :(

technoshaun (shaun-marolf) said : #4

User needs to understand Gnome menu scheme

technoshaun (shaun-marolf) said : #5

In the programs list directory on the left hand side is the programs list. if you click on a program category there you will find the program you want or another sub category you need to go into. This is exactly like The actual Gnome Menu, because it is the Gnome Menu.

Bachsau (bachsau) said : #6

There is no programs list... At the left side of GnoMenu Start panel I just see a Text which says: "You don't have selected any favorite programes yet. Use the right mouse button to..." or something like this.

Bachsau (bachsau) said : #7

PS: I used GNOME with the default menus for about an half year now. I know where to find my programs, I know about .desktop-files and the menu configuration files. Please don't consider me stupid. ;)

technoshaun (shaun-marolf) said : #8

Okay somehow GnoMenu is displaying the favorites apps list which in that theme does not exist. Try a theme that supports favorites and see if it will allow you to use the Gnome Menu system

technoshaun (shaun-marolf) said : #9

Solved in bug report