Some icons not appearing properly in the menu.

Asked by Kevin on 2009-06-06

GnoMenu 1.6 was working great for me until I noticed that recently some of the icons in the menu are not appearing. It is mostly top level icons such as, Accessories, System, Graphics, etc. It is just a generic box for these icons and once I click on them it goes to the next area and the icons display fine in the sub groups. I've removed GnoMenu and re-installed without any success. I'm using the .deb packages on Ubuntu 9.04. I've attached a screenshot. I've tried changing themes also. All of these icons appear normally in the regular Gnome menu, just not GnoMenu.

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There is a FAQ on this issue

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technoshaun suggests this article as an answer to your question:
FAQ #281: “I Only See The “Blank” Icon In GnoMenu”.

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If the above does not fix your issue then the system Icon Theme you are using is incomplete and does not properly link in another icon to fill in the missing Icons.

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OP states fixed

I'm also having this issue. My icon set is complete, as the menu editor and default gnome menus both correctly display the top-level icons.

The missing icons include general system headings such as "Accessories" and "System". It also includes both base installed apps like "Terminal" as well as some user installed apps which have their own icons like "GPar2".

All of the above display icons correctly in the menu editor.