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Asked by Eric Zollman on 2010-07-18

I have tried to install a Button Theme (Fedora start buton) and a Menu Theme (Dark Cany 2.2). Both downloaded from, When trying to install either one I get an error '4error - the theme has not been installed. It may not have been packaged correctly. Try to install the theme manually'

So my question is. How do I manually install a theme?


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technoshaun (shaun-marolf) said : #1

What are the themes you are trying to install? Are they tar.gz files? Did you unpack them or try just installing the compressed file? (You should leave them compressed.)

Eric Zollman (ericzollman) said : #2

I am running Fedora 12 using GNOME 2.28 and GnoMenu 2.9 Here is a list of the Themes I am trying to install.


Yes they are tar.gz files. I did not unpack them. I was just trying to install them from the archive. On the DarkCandy theme, after giving me the error msg I got another msg saying that the package was intended for an older version of GnoMenu and would be automaticly updated to support the new version. But still it didn't add the theme or alter the archive in anyway..

Is there a way for me to just copy the contents of these archives to a specific folder, and bypass the built-in install feature?


technoshaun (shaun-marolf) said : #3

You can unpack the tar balls and then copy the files to /usr/share/gnomenu/Themes and there you will see folders for Buttons, Icons, Menus and Sounds. Just copy the respective theme type into the appropriate folder. This is usually not recommended but if the theme you select has an issue GnoMenu will simply revert to the default so it won't blow up.

technoshaun (shaun-marolf) said : #4

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Eric Zollman (ericzollman) said : #5

Thanks for the reply. For some reason (for me anyway) I can't get ANY of the custom themes to install using the built-in install features inside Fedora., And there is also no RPM package for Fedora. So I ended up writing a small guide on how to install GnoMenu 2.9 and custom themes in Fedora 12/13

Here is a link to the thread. In case you want to share it with others or post it some other place on your site.