Overview of GnoMenu

Created by technoshaun on on 2008-12-24
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technoshaun on on 2009-05-10


GnoMenu is a serious attempt to bring eye candy abilities to the Gnome Menu. Based on “Vista Start Menu” by Chris Hughes. It was picked up for further development by Helder Fraga. Chris Hughes has recently joined the GnoMenu team.

Helder has since forked the project and renamed it to GnoMenu. The current stable release is the 1.9 series

GnoMenu is released under the GNU/GPL Version 3 software license.

Under Helder's development GnoMenu has had many serious bugs, annoyances and issues fixed. Though there are more to find and fix GnoMenu is maturing rapidly and proving to be a powerful menu applet in its own right.

GnoMenu is written in Python, which will allow it to be cross platform compatible in the future if desired.

GnoMenu has a goal to allow new and unique menu designs while being compliant with Gnome Menu standards. Though not all the necessary features planned on for GnoMenu have been implemented yet they are in (at the very least) the planning and drafting phases.