Creating a Button Theme

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Button Themes:

Panel Buttons are fairly simple. The Button Theme consists of three working PNG files and one preview PNG file. One PNG is for the for the normal state. The second is for when the mouse is hovering over the button and the last one is for when the button is pressed. The preview PNG is used to show how the button looks in the Theme Preferences Selection.

The XML file format for Button Themes is as follows:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<content type="Button">
<theme Top="0" id="HasTop"> 0 = no top 1 = has top
<ref Bottom="0" id="HasBottom"/> 0 = no bottom 1 = has bottom
<ContentData Name="Button Set Name" Author="Theme Creator" Copyright="License or name of Copyright Holder" id="Contentdata"/>

Button themes tend to use varying sizes (*Need to change this to a uniform size) but all are in png format.

Required Buttons are;
start_here (normal)
start_here_depressed (pressed)
start_here_glow (hover)
themepreview (For the preferences dialog to show how the button set looks)

If the button theme has a top peice then the following graphics are also required;

If the button has a bottom piece then the following graphics are also required;

NOTE: Bottom Pieces in Button Themes is scheduled to be deprecated. Theme makers are advised not to use this feature.