What services does Journal need to be launched at startup?

Asked by DavidM on 2010-01-24

This is really a beginner's question, sorry. I've installed the packages from this PPA.

I guess that the zeitgeist service should be launched on startup to collect information for GNOME Activity Journal to display. I see that launching GNOME Activity Journal automatically launches zeitgeist-daemon and zeitgeist-datahub. Should I add those two commands to my "startup applications"? Thank you very much.

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Best Siegfried Gevatter (rainct) said : #1

Your guess is correct, you could add "zeitgeist-daemon" to the startup applications (you don't need to add "zeitgeist-datahub" as that is started automatically by the first daemon). However, while this could be useful for some data-sources, at this point it isn't really needed.

Right now we only take information from GtkRecentlyUsed (that's what the zeitgeist-datahub does), and since that data stays around for you can just leave Zeitgeist to be started by the GNOME Activity Journal and at that point it will ask GtkRecentlyUsed for everything that happened since the last run.

We are working on several extensions for applications (Firefox, Eye of GNOME, chat clients, etc.) which need Zeitgeist to be running to work, but those will also start it automatically like the Journal does.

So, unless you write some special data-source by yourself, and that data-source needs to be running all the time, there is no need to start Zeitgeist at startup.

DavidM (milarupa) said : #2

Thank you very much. It's been really fast. :-)

Seif Lotfy (seif) said : #3

I think this can be set as answered!

Siegfried Gevatter (rainct) said : #4

It was already set as Solved (Answered means that someone has answered, but that the original poster hasn't confirmed yet whether the answer addressed his question).

DavidM (milarupa) said : #5

Thanks Siegfried Gevatter, that solved my question.