How to clear some or all logs in Zeitgeist ?

Asked by RastaPopoulos on 2010-01-06

Sometimes, I want to unlog some or all of the informations saved by the zeitgeist engine.

Example : I regularly edit an OOo document with indication about a surprise for my girlfriend's birthday. I absolutely DON'T want this file in history, journal or whatever.

But when I use the function "Clear list" in the Gnome menu "Recent documents", it does not clear also the zeitgeist list. And then, I always have my compromising file in the Docky right-click menu or in the GnomeShell Activity menu.

This use-case can be reproduced with many other contexts.

So how can we delete one or more elements in the journal ?

A function like in Firefox 3.5 would be very useful for privacy : "Clear all / Clear last hour / Clear two last hours / etc"

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Seif Lotfy (seif) said : #1

The engine allows such things.
Please do not confuse the engine with the UI.
To delete entries in the DB you can just call the "delete_events" method.
Set the events properly and u can delete events from specific apps, files, types or even everything.

RastaPopoulos (flbl) said : #2

Hum, I'm sorry, I wanted to post this question in the section "Zeitgeist project" and not "Zeitgeist framework".

"Zeitgeist project" besause it isn't about a particular UI (activity journal for example) but any UI : activity journal, command line, right-click menu, etc, I don't care.

So :
1) Could you move my question under the right section or I have to post a new (same) question ?
2) Could you removed the status "answered" once the question will be in the right section (and then is not an engine question) ?
3) And then, could someone answer this non-developer question ?

Siegfried Gevatter (rainct) said : #3

Hi RastaPopoulos.

I don't think questions can be re-assigned to another project.

Anyway, no need to open a new one. An option in GNOME Activity Journal to delete logged events is planned and should be available within the next weeks.

Additionally, blocking events matching a certain template -eg. affecting a file in a particular directory or coming from a certain application- from being logged at all is also planned (the Zeitgeist engine got support for this a couple of days ago), as well as the possibility to temporarily disabling Zeitgeist from logging anything.

Siegfried Gevatter (rainct) said : #4

Turns out you can change the project. I've now assigned this to GNOME Activity Journal.

To answer your question, the next release of the Activity Journal, 0.3.3, will have the option of removing particular items (with right click -> "Delete item from Journal")

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