crash on update from icehouse

Asked by thomas on 2014-10-28

Hi, I have issue when i try to update glance from icehouse to juno
When I start glance-api and glance-registry i have this trace:

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Stuart McLaren
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Does it work if you remove 'osprofiler' from the pipeline?

ie in glance-api.conf find

 flavor = keystone+cachemanagement

then match the pipeline in /etc/glance/glance-api-paste.ini (in this case glance-api-keystone+cachemanagement):

 pipeline = versionnegotiation osprofiler authtoken context cache cachemanage rootapp

edit the pipeline to remove 'osprofiler', and retry.

Also, try, in glance-api.conf turning off profiling:

 # If False fully disable profiling feature.
 enabled = True

change to

 # If False fully disable profiling feature.
 enabled = False

thomas (ttwthomas) said : #3

Hi Stuart,

My glance-api.conf only have

And the correspondig pipeline doesnt have osprofiler
pipeline = versionnegotiation authtoken context rootapp

Profiler is nowhere to be found in both files. (config files are from icehouse)

Ok, I think adding:

 # If False fully disable profiling feature.
 enabled = False

to your glance-api.conf might work.

thomas (ttwthomas) said : #5

Thank you it is fine now :)
What is the profiling feature ?

Hi Thomas,

Great to hear that helped.

I'd appreciate it if you could file a bug for this (it impacts upgrades).

If osprofiler is not in your pipeline it should not be needed to explicitly disable it.

(I've never used the profiler, not 100% sure what it does)

thomas (ttwthomas) said : #7

Thanks Stuart McLaren, that solved my question.