access keyring over ssh

Asked by Michael Nagel on 2012-09-20

i am trying to use gkeyring via ssh, but it does not work for me. this is how far i get:

$ ssh localhost
Enter passphrase for key '/home/nailor/.ssh/id_rsa':
Last login: Thu Sep 20 17:39:44 2012 from localhost
$ cd /tmp
$ python
Xlib: extension "RANDR" missing on display "localhost:11.0".
GNOME keyring is not available!
$ ...

somehow gnome keyring (daemon(?)) does not seem to be running in that session? can i fix that? start it? ...?


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Michael Nagel (nailor) said : #1

ps: localhost is of course only an example. in reality, i am working on a remote host.

Kamil Páral (kamil.paral) said : #2

Hi, yes, gnome keyring daemon is not running (GNOME is not running at all), that's why you can't access the keyring. I am not sure whether you can fix that somehow. The purpose of this tool was always to allow CLI access to your keyring _inside a running GNOME session_.

You can try to start the daemon manually. If you find a way, let us know. Thanks.

Michael Nagel (nailor) said : #3

I finally did it: The following works for me. I suggest you put it somewhere in your README:

eval $(dbus-launch --sh-syntax)
eval $(/usr/bin/gnome-keyring-daemon --start --components=gpg,pkcs11,secrets,ssh)
export $(gnome-keyring-daemon)
python -c "import gnomekeyring;import getpass;p=getpass.getpass();gnomekeyring.unlock_sync(None,p);"

cd /tmp && bzr branch lp:gkeyring
python /tmp/gkeyring/ --id 321

Michael Nagel (nailor) said : #4

might be broken above, so here it is again: