original mouse button click interfears with gestikk

Asked by Krusty Ruffle on 2008-05-03

If the gesture is set to right button then Gnomes right click dialog pops up, if set to middle button then the Compiz cube begins to rotate, if set to left button then it draws a selection rectangle. The Mouse gestures in KDE can be set to the middle button and it will stop the Compiz cube from rotating for a short time. It looks like the gesture software steals the mouse click untill it is held down for a user definable amount of time, default is 250 milliseconds. This works beautifully there, however, I think a lot of people would prefer Gnome and it would be great if something like this could be programmed into Gestikk. Unfortunately I am not a programmer and cannot submit a patch or anything.

Thanks for implementing mouse gestures in GTK environments, this has been missing for a long time :)

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Jonas H
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Krusty Ruffle (krustyruffle) said : #1

ACK! I forgot, I'm using Ubuntu 8.04 with compiz fusion and nvidia proprietary drivers...

Best Jonas H (jonash) said : #2

Krusty Ruffle,
thanks for reporting this issue. It seems like you're right, I've just tried the middle mouse button and executed a gesture over a nautilus icon on my desktop - the icon was selected and moved.
I hope we can fix this with gestikk 0.6 (bugfix release). Till then, just use a non-mouse button, such as Ctrl or Alt.


Krusty Ruffle (krustyruffle) said : #3

Thank you, hopefully this won't be to hard of a thing to do, and like I said before I am very happy to have finally found a gesture program that works with Gnome. I appreciate your efforts very much, and I am sure that many others will too. I'll be watching for that 0.6 version :)

Krusty Ruffle (krustyruffle) said : #4

Thanks Dauerbaustelle, that solved my question.