Install as non-admin user?

Asked by computermacgyver on 2011-03-21

The setup file for windows (gephi-0.7-beta.setup.exe) requires the user to have administrative permissions to install it. Non-administrative users are given the following message when trying to launch it: "You must be logged in as an administrator when installing this program." Clicking OK aborts the installation.

As far as I can tell, Gephi doesn't actually require administrative settings to install. After installing it on one computer, the Gephi folder in program files can be copied to another computer and run fine as long as a JRE is available.

For users on restricted access computers (University, Corporate, etc.) could we provide a zip file of Gephi that can simply be extracted and run so these users can use the software without having to go through university/corporate it bureaucracy to install it? (Alternatively can we build the installer in such a way to let non-administrative users install it?)

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Thank you for asking. This a bug, which hopefully has been resolved recenty. The installer in the upcoming 0.8 release will not require admin priviledges.

For installation on university networks, it can be done easily by copying the content of the installation, what is in 'Program Files' for windows. Nothing else is required. Administrators would certainly want to create a shortcut to the executable in the 'bin' directory.

Perfect. Thanks, Mathieu, for this information. I'm sorry I didn't find the bug report first and avoid using your time. Thanks for the great work those involved in this project are doing.

Thanks Mathieu Bastian, that solved my question.