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I have a couple question regarding the default gnome file manager nautilus.
I want the most unobtrusive possible way to use the encrypted data stashes, mainly to be able to sync them with cloud storage without me or anyone else knowing it's encrypted.

1. I was wondering if there would be a simple solution to get rid of the mount points as devices in nautilus.
Could this be an option for each stash? As I can think of situations where it would be useful.

2. Is it possible to remove the mount drive icons from the folders?
Could this be an option for each stash as well? Probably linked to the option of the previous question.

3. I noticed that the mounting of the devices probably happens after gnome-shell itself is being started, this results in behavior like not showing the background image when it comes from a stash and not seeing the document and other "special" folders in places in nautilus (Or is this also related to it being a mount points?)

4. Will there be a gnome-shell extension and will this disable the default system tray icon?

Thanks in advance!

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Moritz Molch (mmolch) said :

First and second question: That is simply how Nautilus behaves and can't be configured.

Third question: You're correct. If you don't get the background-image, the stash is not yet mounted. It should be possible to write a small script that takes care of that after the stash is mounted (dconf is your friend, the key is /org/gnome/desktop/background/picture-uri)

Fourth question: Nope.

Maybe you want to take a look at
I haven't tried it but it might be that this approach suits your requirements better.

Regards, Moritz

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MvW (2nv2u) said :

Hi Moritz,

Thanks for the quick reply!
Does pam-encfs answer all my questions, I can't seem to find any difference besides the fact it will be configured with a config file instead of a nice GUI?
If so wouldn't it be a nice feature to include pam-encfs in the Gnome Encfs Manager?

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Moritz Molch (mmolch) said :

It answers the third question and more general is probably "the most unobtrusive possible way". When using PAM, the stash is mounted as part of the login-process, before the actual session starts.

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MvW (2nv2u) said :

Ok, thanks!
Would have been nice though if the "mount at startup" feature would have done just that. Perhaps you could consider using the pam approach it in the future.
About the device mapping feature, if you mount the partition somewhere other than /media or /home and symlink to it, the nautilus buttons would disappear. I will be able to do this myself of course, would be a nice to have if the manager could facilitate in this.