utouch-geis programming example/tutorial?

Asked by Bernard Victor Delvaux

This follows a topic that has been started at the "libgrip" section.


My question was about using utouch-geis in an application and the existence of tutorial/how-to for utouch-geis.

Stephen M. Webb answered :

Using libutouch-geis directly for multi-touch gestural input is appropriate for manipulating the display directly. Pure multi-touch is not yet available through the GEIS API, it's scheduled for the Oneiric Ocelot release, but gestures and associated touch information is definitely available now.

Gesture recognition in Maverick and Natty is done at the systemwide level, Unity is not required. The libutouch-geis-dev package is the application interface to the uTouch stack (which consists of geis, grail, and other components), but the entire utouch stack ships with Natty and is available even with the classic desktop.

A very simple example of libutoich-geis used in an SDL+OpenGL application can be found at <http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bregma/ucube/trunk/view/head:/ucube/app.cpp>. API documentation is available at <http://people.canonical.com/~stephenwebb/geis-v2-api/> and in the package libutoich-geis-doc, and it includes documented example code.

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Bernard Victor Delvaux (nadaeck) said :

Thank you Stephen for the answer.

I found the "geis2.c" example indeed in the source package and also in the doc you provided but I understand this works only for the Advanced Interface (Geis2) and not for the Simplified Interface (Geis1), wich is the only one available in Ubuntu Maverick and also in the utouch PPA, as far as I have seen. Also I understand utouch-geis is written in C. Is there a simple example in C for Geis1 somewhere?

Thank you for all the time and the answers you have already given


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Bernard Victor Delvaux (nadaeck) said :

Please Is there any other example somewhere else in C?

I have done a program that displays the harmonics of the sound (using OpenGL); it is ready for multitouch support :-)


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Stephen M. Webb (bregma) said :

Examples of C code using the Simplified GEIS (v1) interface include the following.

ucube: <http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bregma/ucube/trunk/view/head:/ucube/app.cpp>
libgrip: <http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~utouch-team/libgrip/trunk/view/head:/src/gripgesturemanager.c>
geistest: <http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~utouch-team/utouch-geis/trunk/view/head:/testsuite/geistest/geistest.c>
ginn: <http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~utouch-team/ginn/trunk/view/head:/src/ginn.c>

All of the above examples are culled from projects hosted at launchpad.net.

And at some point, example code for the Simplified GEIS interface will appear in GEIS documentation.

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