Syntax completer not working for me

Asked by Didier Roche

First, thanks for your project. It seems to be the killer missing feature for me in python + gedit

The only annoying this for me is that I can't have access to syntax completer.
The other plugins (PEP8, bzr-gtk integration, find and replace) works well and the syntax completer plugin is activated in gedit.

If I open a file containing:
import sys

var = "Hello"

then, sys.<Shift><Control>Space doesn't do anything
and well as va<Shift><Control>Space (to complete as "var")

Do you have any idea of what's missing? Opening gedit in a terminal doesn't give any trace.
0.3.1-0ubuntu0 installed on karmic from your ppa.

BTW, I see that you have a class wizard in, how is named this plugin, please? :)

Thanks again for your work!

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Curtis Hovey
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Best Curtis Hovey (sinzui) said :

The 3.x+ version of gdp uses Ctrl+/ because the <Shift><Control>Space combination confilcts with HTML snippets. I did not disocver the conflict until I addrd markup auto completion a few months ago. The Menu > Tools > 'Compelete word' should show Ctrl+/ as the accellerator

I thought I updated all the documents about the key change. Where did you read about the old keys?

I am using classbrowser available at The project has stalled. I am running a modifiled version. I was considering packaging this plugin in my gedit PPA, or incorporating the plugin into my project.

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Curtis Hovey (sinzui) said :

I packaged classbrowser and added it to my PPA as gedit-class-browser:

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Didier Roche (didrocks) said :

Thanks Curtis Hovey, that solved my question.

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Didier Roche (didrocks) said :

Thanks a lot for your information :)

I can't find anymore where I've taken those info from

(sorry for the late feedback, was very busy by the beginning of the year)