raise XDRError

Asked by odie on 2008-04-12

When I saw Gdesklets on a friend's computer, I was totally amazed. So I started Synaptic on my Ubuntu7.10-64bit-machine and installed gdesklets with its dependencies (in my case only gdesklets-data). When running it normally over Acessories->Gdesklets, a window popped up and was gone soon. Starting from a terminal said that he could not contact the deamon.
Well, then I compiled it myself (of cource I uninstalled the Synaptic version first). No error during compiling....
When I start the programm now, the following is printed in the Terminal (yes, it is the german version : /):

odie@KellerBox:~/Desktop/gdesklets-0.36$ gdesklets
gdesklets-daemon wird gestartet …
In 305 Millisekunden mit dem Daemon verbunden.

=== Unhandled error! Something bad and unexpected happened. ===

in /usr/local/bin/gdesklets: line 393 <module>
in /usr/local/bin/gdesklets: line 268 parse_command
in /usr/local/bin/gdesklets: line 177 __open_profile
in /usr/local/bin/gdesklets: line 167 __client_daemon
in /usr/local/lib/gdesklets/main/client.py: line 208 set_remove_command
in /usr/local/lib/gdesklets/main/client.py: line 38 __send
in /usr/local/lib/gdesklets/utils/xdr.py: line 75 recv

[---] 70 chunk = ""
[---] 71 while (True):
[---] 72 try:
[---] 73 length = ord(s.recv(1))
[---] 74 except:
[ERR]> 75 raise XDRError
[---] 76
[---] 77 if (length): chunk += s.recv(length)
[---] 78
[---] 79 flag = s.recv(1)
[---] 80 if (flag == _CONT): continue
[---] 81

Is it because of the 64 bits? My friend has 32 and the desklets are running qiute well...

Thanks for answers,

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lqsohu (lqsohu) said : #1

maybe that problem!

Joe Sapp (sappj) said : #2

It's most likely not your 64-bit machine.

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