Asked by banewman on 2008-03-29

I am using xubuntu hardy beta and get an error with some desklets.
Sidecandy popmail in the 36.1 version of gdesklets gives this error
(which happens with some others as well)

File not found
   52 # Reads the entire file and returns its contents.
   53 #
   54 def read_entire_file(uri):
   56 try:
> 57 uri = gnomevfs.read_entire_file(uri)
   58 except:
[---] 59 log("Warning: Couldn't read file \"%s\"." % (uri,))
   60 raise
   62 return uri

and the starterbar will not let me edit the default home folder starter or add any new ones - does not give any errors.

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banewman (banewman) said : #1

I opened up the .display file for the starterbar and it is a
gnome-starter bar :- it can only run in gnome so of course it won't work
in xfce.
That solves that bit. :)

Many of the desklets from "desklets-data.deb" file are terribly outdated; I would recommend to use the desklets from website only.
The list of working ones is updated regularly at:

banewman (banewman) said : #3

The version of sidecandy popmail I have is the same as the one on that
site - ver 0.1.3.

Bjoern Koch (h.humpel) said : #4

Looks like this one can be closed (marked as answered) then, right ?

lqsohu (lqsohu) said : #5

you must have gnomevfs module

banewman (banewman) said : #6

Ok. Thanks for that info lqsou. I don't want the extra overhead of
another daemon running so I will look for another app to do a similar job.
Thanks for your time and efforts.

banewman (banewman) said : #7

Yep. I am going to find another app that will work on this OS.
Thanks for your time and efforts.

Best lqsohu (lqsohu) said : #8

ok if you instead gnomevfs . I think you will be change the model ( such as import gnomevfs),
I changed that model of gnomevfs successful. I think you should change that control and sensor.
I have another question : R you replant it on other os or equipment ?
my mail :
we can contract with the main or msn

banewman (banewman) said : #9

I gave up on gdesklets weeks ago.
Thanks for your efforts though.