Is it possible to specify a different location for the location of the libraries installed in `build-native`.

Asked by George Waters on 2019-11-20


I was wondering if it is possible to specify a different location to `` for the libraries that get installed into `build-native` during `` (expat, gmp, isl, etc.). I see that `` expects those libraries to exist in `build-native` but is it possible to provide it a different location without changing the file?

Let me back up and explain what has prompted this question. I am trying to write a homebrew formula to build the toolchain. I originally just used the exact steps that are laid out in the how-to pdf but had to make some changes. Because homebrew already has formulas for all of the libraries that get installed during ``, I have to use those libraries instead of what gets installed by ``. This works, but only if I manually change the location where `` thinks those libraries should be. I wanted to check to see if there is already a way to specify a different location that I am just not aware of, or see if that is something you would consider adding as an option to the script?

So to summarize: if I already have the prerequisite libraries installed on my machine, is there a way to point `` to them? And if there isn't, would you consider adding that functionality through an option?

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George Waters (dunkmann00) said : #1

Any idea if this is possible? Thanks.

Joey Ye (jinyun-ye) said : #2


The build scripts are designed merely for a fixed usage. The build mode you described was not considered and there is no plan for us to enable an new option for it.

However, we are investigating to open the build scripts in github. If it happens, then contributions to add new features are welcome.

George Waters (dunkmann00) said : #3

Sounds good. Thanks for the response Joey!