Why GCC (6.3.1 and newer) does not update the value of a changeable pointer

Asked by Reda on 2019-10-29

In the following code snippet, the ARM GCC (version 6.3.1 and newer) generates assembly as the pointer is not changing and saves it R2 and does not update it again

========================= C Code ===============================
typedef unsigned short U16;
typedef unsigned char U8;

typedef struct LinkNode
    struct LinkNode* prev;
    struct LinkNode* next;
} LinkNode_s;

typedef struct PduNode
    LinkNode_s pduLinks;
    U16 sn;
} PduNode_s;

typedef struct
    U16 sn;
    PduNode_s* pduNodePtr;
} StateVar_s;

static inline U8 GetNext(
    LinkNode_s* aCurrentNodePtr,
    LinkNode_s** aNodePtr)
    *aNodePtr = aCurrentNodePtr->next;

    return 1;

void func(
    StateVar_s* aStateVarPtr)
        GetNext((LinkNode_s*)(aStateVarPtr->pduNodePtr), (LinkNode_s**)(&aStateVarPtr->pduNodePtr));
    } while (0 != aStateVarPtr->pduNodePtr);

GCC version 8.3.1 and 6.3.1 generated assembly:
00000000 <func>:
   0: 6842 ldr r2, [r0, #4]
   2: 6853 ldr r3, [r2, #4]
   4: 6043 str r3, [r0, #4]
   6: 2b00 cmp r3, #0
   8: d1fb bne.n 2 <func+0x2>
   a: 4770 bx lr

However the generated code from GCC 4.9.3 is handling the pointer correctly and load it each time
00000000 <func>:
   0: 6843 ldr r3, [r0, #4]
   2: 685b ldr r3, [r3, #4]
   4: 6043 str r3, [r0, #4]
   6: 2b00 cmp r3, #0
   8: d1fa bne.n 0 <func>
   a: 4770 bx lr

The command I use for compilation is:
arm-none-eabi-gcc -c -mcpu=Cortex-M0 -mthumb -Os -o gcc_issue.o gcc_issue.c

The original code is much complicated and this issue causes the code to do incorrect behavior

Why the old GCC generates correct assembly while the newer versions do not?

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john (jkovach) said : #1

I didn't go through the code, but have you considered strict aliasing? Try adding '-fno-strict-aliasing' to the command line.

Reda (rm-dev) said : #2

It seems it solved my issue !!
Thanks John :)