What is the PPA policy for old releases?

Asked by Andrew Rowley on 2017-11-27

Can you tell me what the policy is for the PPA repository in terms of keeping old releases? I can see the latest release and one previous release in my apt-cache, but I have installed the previous release so I am wondering if older releases are kept available or removed as soon as a later release is available?

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Thomas Preud'homme
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Hi Andrew,

Short answer: we can only have one version per release. Supported releases get the latest version, others get the last version published before the release got unsupported.

Keeping old releases is limited for technical aspects. A repository does not allow to have several different versions of a package for a same release (say Ubuntu Xenial). Where you see different versions is accross different releases. When a release (eg. Ubuntu precise) stops being supported, no package can be build for them anymore so it will keep an older version.

Hope this is clear enough.

Best regards.

Andrew Rowley (zzalsar4) said : #2

OK thanks.

We had issues with new releases not being compatible with our code previously. These were generally odd issues that were bugs and so could be reported and fixed in later releases; but then if we can't get users to go back to a specific version of the compiler that we know works when there are issues, we can't really use this as a way of getting the releases.

I will probably therefore generally tell users to download a specific version of the compiler directly. This doesn't seem to have been an issue previously, so I would guess it will continue to work as a solution.

Thanks again!

Andrew Rowley (zzalsar4) said : #3

Thanks Thomas Preud'homme, that solved my question.

Why not use the tarball in that case? We keep old versions of tarballs on developer.arm.com (see link on the frontpage).

Best regards.

Andrew Rowley (zzalsar4) said : #5

Thanks - yes, this is what I was planning to do.