How do you install gasp on Windows?

Asked by Matthew Gallagher on 2007-11-06

Can someone outline the procedure for installing gasp on Windows?

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Luke Faraone (lfaraone) said : #2

ffm suggests this article as an answer to your question:
FAQ #28: “How do you install gasp on Windows?”.

Luke Faraone (lfaraone) said : #3

Turned into a faq

Luke Faraone (lfaraone) said : #4

Please note that the above are out of date, see
for the most up to date

mcc613 (mikechriscondon) said : #5

the download links and faq link don't seem to be working properly. What gives? :)

Luke Faraone (lfaraone) said : #6


Unfortunately, we have yet to build new binaries for windows. This issue should be fixed in the next week.

skregas (skregas) said : #7

Want to add to the Windows XP SP2 install instructions --
Followed this:

Download Python:

Download Pygame:
I'm using python 2.5.2 so I downloaded that version of PyGame. Make sure the install version of Python and the version of PyGame are as close as possible.

Download the GASP 0.2 beta1.tar for Windows
Extracted it to my site-packages directory. Something like: C:\Python25\Lib\site-packages. Make the directory match what is on your system

In a command line window, navigate to the above installed directory.
Example: C:\Python25\Lib\site-packages\python-gasp-0.2.0beta1
At the prompt, type: python install
It will run through the install,
Test it by opening a interactive Python session and typing: from gasp import *
You should get the >>> prompt!

Dave (davidjrunger) said : #8

Thank you, skregas! It worked!