will gala's performance be increased further?

Asked by Peter Christopher on 2012-10-04

Hi and Congrats to ALL elementary OS developers on such a beautiful OS. :)

The performance of gala is especially outstanding especially comparing gnome shell and compiz ( unity 3d )

my question -

I have installed elementary for a couple of PCs - 1. for myself ( 2gb ram, 2.0ghz dual core, 256mb 8400gm nvidia gpu ) and 2. for another friend ( core i3, intel graphics, 4 gb )

The installation on PC no.2 is extremely fast with fluid animation. One PC no.1, the animations are great, but go sluggish now and then. EDIT : i have installed the latest nvidia drivers, animations are become more sluggish on older drivers

I notice this specially when i press super+W, and try to focus on another window. the resize is choppy.

Are there any plans on optimizing the code further, to get more speed/performance?

Please, don't waste your time with any 'long' responses. Just a sentence or so would be great.

Thanks, and congrats to the entire elementary team

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Best Tom Beckmann (tombeckmann) said : #1

The room for optimizations on our side is very small, as animations and so on are mainly handled by external libraries, such as clutter. There are possibly some places where we could improve our code, but for the most part it depends on this external code.

Thanks Tom Beckmann, that solved my question.

That makes sense, thanks Tom! :)

Hi Tom, Just wanted to say there has been lots of performance increase in gala recently. The animations are smoother. Great job!

Siniša Perović (sinisa-p) said : #5


Maybe I'm completely wrong here but I'll take a shot a it.

I also had big performance issue with window switching and I noticed that there was a lot of swapping each time I'm doing that. Then I changed my swappiness from 50 to 10 and it produced some benefits to my system overall, but the biggest one is that switching windows became real fast, almost instantaneous.

Now, I'm switching windows like there's no tomorrow ;-) in this beautiful and easy to use OS.

I hope this would help you Peter, although I'm not sure since our configurations are quite different.


Hey sinisa, thanks for the reply. Thats interesting. How can i change swappiness? dconf editor?

Siniša Perović (sinisa-p) said : #7

Hello Peter.

Here you can find everything you need https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq#What_is_swappiness_and_how_do_I_change_it.3F


Thanks Sinisa. That helped. There was already some improvement in the gala performance ( after i posted originally ). But reducing the swappiness has helped to make the animations smoother. :)

Siniša Perović (sinisa-p) said : #9

I'm really glad that helped.