Fuel-9.0 haproxy IP issue on controller node

Asked by BHa-77 on 2016-09-01


I am testing Fuel9 and experience following issue.

Some details :
Controller node is deployed OK
Haproxy config files match nailgun database OK :
Matches : select ip_addr from ip_addrs where vip_namespace = 'haproxy' and vip_name ='public';

Issues :
Ha proxy is not started upon deployment end. I Have to start it manually (service haproxy start)
No bridge matches this IP so no MAC address matches this IP and haproxy listeners can't be reached from elsewere than localhost.
iptables is wide open on ports 80 & 443

Questions :
Which bridge should have this address (currently none) should it be br-ex?

More generally : what went wrong?

Some words about my "hardware"
All nodes are VMs on an vCenter Cluster (Two Hosts) connected to a cisco switch.
Before starting using fuel I've checked that :
VLAN-tagged and non-VLAN-Tagged work fine between VMs (I Had to struggle a bit with cisco & VMW virtual switch setup but I'm sure it's now OK with some linux VMs - all trunks are OK)

Feel free to ask me more details if needed,

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BHa-77 (bha-77) said : #1

Turns out that in fact HAProxy is running fine in its own namespace that's the important point I missed !!
Anyway It's just unreachable from outside... bridge haproxy/b_public mac address seems published correctly on the public net.
but arping from any host just gives one reply and hangs...

BHa-77 (bha-77) said : #2

One of my ESX Virtual switch was set to reject promiscuous mode on public network... That's all!!
Well Helped me to undersand how fuel works and how it works fine for now...