How to enable LBaas plugin 1.02 in FUEL 7.0?

Asked by Big Ben on 2015-11-10

Dear who's reading this,

I installed Mirantis 7.0 to build my cloud environment, and trying to add LBaas plugin to the master node. after reading the plugin document, I manage to install this plugin by following command:

fuel plugins --install lbaas-1.0.2.noarch.rpm

and fuel command can find this plugin.

[root@fuel ~]# fuel plugins
id | name | version | package_version
1 | lbaas | 1.0.2 | 2.0.0

But in the FUEL GUI "settings" page for a new created environment, I can not find any place to enable "LBaas plugin for neutron". anyone know how to enable this plugin so that I could do the load balance setting later in the new cloud instance?

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Denis Klepikov
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Denis Klepikov (dklepikov) said : #1

Hello, Big Ben.

lbaas plugin v. 1.0.2 is pointed for fuel 6.1 and it is not validated

If you trying to use lbaas plugin v. 1.0.2 for Fuel 6.1 on Fuel 7.0 - it will not work.

All validated plugins can be found here:

As you can see there is no LBaaS plugin for Fuel 7.0 at all.

Big Ben (bigben80) said : #2


Dear Denis,

Thank you for answering this question.

As I understand, LBaas should be a function provided by neutron, the Fuel plugin is providing a virtualized way to configure this service during the openstack deployment.

If I want to use LBaas in a Fuel 7.0 deployed openstack cloud instance, what should I do? could it be possible to install this 1.02 plugin and manually modify some deploy yaml file to make it work?

Denis Klepikov (dklepikov) said : #3

For Fuel 7.0 you need to use plugins for it, not for early versions.
As I know - Mirantis will review capabilities of the LBaaS plugin project in the community again in advance of the Fuel 8.0 release.

Best Denis Klepikov (dklepikov) said : #4

Also please pay attention:
LBaaS plugins compatible with Fuel 6.0 and 6.1 are not supported for customer deployments due to the limitations of the community solution, including no failover of load-balanced objects or HTTPS termination. Mirantis will review capabilities of the project in the community again in advance of the Fuel 8.0 release.

Big Ben (bigben80) said : #5

Thanks Denis Klepikov, that solved my question.