Horizon dashboard cannot visit after MOS6.1 deploy done centOS env with 1 controller node(plus cinder) and 1 Compute node

Asked by lidiwen on 2015-11-03

After I finish deploy with MOS6.1 centOS env with 1 controller node(plus cinder) +1 Compute node ,
Horizon UI cannot visit , the Horizon dashborad public IP cannot communicate with my operation PC, but Controller node can ping Horizon dashborad public IP. It's strange, Is there any guy has idea for this problem?

Thanks a million.

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Denis Klepikov
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Denis Klepikov (dklepikov) said : #1


Please clarify how do you setup MOS (do you use VirtualBox scripts or do it manually)?
It looks like you miss some network configuration on your host machine.
Please check it using manual: https://docs.mirantis.com/openstack/fuel/fuel-6.1/virtualbox.html#virtualbox

lidiwen (lidiwencs) said : #2

Hi Denis,
I deploy the mos node with vsphere VMs(1 controller node combine cinder node +1 compute node) by mannually, not use virtual box scripts.

Does mos support deploy with vsphere's vms?

Thanks for your response.

Denis Klepikov (dklepikov) said : #4

Also please pay attention that must be able to reach networks of the deployed cluster from your PC.
Please check that you can reach cluster's IPs, try to ping controller of compute node.

lidiwen (lidiwencs) said : #5

Hi Denis,
I didn't use vcenter integration deploy, I just use vSphere VMs to deploy openstack nodes.
Does MOS support vsphere Virtual Machines deploy open stack nodes?

Denis Klepikov (dklepikov) said : #6

You need to configure network between your PC and created environment
- create additional router what must be connected to openstack networks and allow you to reach that networks from your PC
- or create additional host VM inside vSphere with GIU and attach it to proper network(s)

okosse (okosse) said : #7

Hi, lidiwen.
What hypervisor do you plan to use? If I understand right, you want to use KVM into VMs on ESXi nodes. Unfortunately, we didn't test this case.

lidiwen (lidiwencs) said : #8

Hi Denis,
My PC can ping through the controller node public IP, ex:, and also gateway, but cannot ping to Horizon dashboard IP:, this IP is a virtual IP during deploying, and where is the Virtual IP configure? since my controller IP can ping this Virtual IP.

lidiwen (lidiwencs) said : #9

Hi okosse,
I use ESXi's Virtual Machine to deploy MOS's nodes,and select QEMU option to create open stack enviroment.

Okay, seems I have to use physical server to deploy open stack env.

Thanks for your information.

lidiwen (lidiwencs) said : #10

One more quesiont, May I use ESXi Virtual Machine as MOS master node? then I deploy mos's other nodes with physical server?

Best Denis Klepikov (dklepikov) said : #11

IPs you provide are "grey", so you need to use create additional router (VM inside vSphere ) what must be connected to openstack networks and allow you to reach that networks from your PC, or you can use VM inside vSphere with GIU

lidiwen (lidiwencs) said : #12

Hi Denis,
Thanks for your suggestion, I will try it.

lidiwen (lidiwencs) said : #13

Thanks Denis Klepikov, that solved my question.