gstreamer or openlibraries?

Asked by Luis de Bethencourt Guimerá

After trying some basic stuff with both backends why did I choose openlibraries instead of gstreamer?

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Luis de Bethencourt Guimerá
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Best Luis de Bethencourt Guimerá (luisbg) said :

Since I couldn't take the decision, I decided to make a simple video player in with both backends. Basically the first steps of the development with both.

I decided to go with openlibraries because all the important stuff is basically the same... stable, powerful and platform-free. They both offer some high level command line manipulation and some high level API usage. The main difference between one backend and the other is that gstreamer is a plugin system where you create the elements and it's connections embeded in your application but openlibraries has a mid level usage where with sockets you access the server and have your client being an api.

This simplifies a lot the code and gives interesting possibilites as having the server and client in different machines. For example using lite systems as interface connected to a heavy duty media processor somewhere else, or even having a gig through the internet (done this before and needed to stream the output video, streaming just the signals from gui to core is much more efficient and would give a bigger quality product).

In the other hand gstreamer is an old dog, and openlibraries is a starting project. So I see openlibraries having a very big potential, and this is very interesting for me.

Luis de Bethencourt

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Luis de Bethencourt Guimerá (luisbg) said :


After doing 0.1 with openlibs it was very hard to get in contact with developers, which made it very hard to have it packaged for Ubuntu, and jbatch will never be. Development seams stalled, and current bugs and needed fixes will never happen.

So gstreamer for the win! 0.2 uses gstreamer for the engine. Having a lot of help from gstreamer developers and they are very active.