Is it possible to preserve timestamsps on ~/.gvfs samba shares?

Asked by Norbert on 2013-02-01

I use FreeFileSync for keeping in sync my local files (~/some_folder) and QNAP Samba share (~/.gvfs/some_share/some_folder).

I press F5 and then F6 for sync. After sync I press F5 again and get in right side (Samba) arrows to the left (FFS thinks that Samba files are newer, they have today's date and file-copy time). But files in the left have original date (not only today).

So my question: Is it possible to keep timestamps on ~/.gvfs shares?
I understand that it may be a problem of GVFS, not FFS. Also I know, that cp --preserve=timestamp do not preserve timestamps on GVFS.

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Zenju (zenju) said : #1

I think you already answered your question. FFS is dependent on proper function of underlying infrastructure. I would already consider it a servere bug of GVFS that they do not seem to return an error code in your case when FFS properly calls "utime" to set the file times.

Norbert (nrbrtx) said : #2

Thank you for fast reply!
The result is FFS is super-cool but GVFS have bugs (for example

I mounted my share with smbmount to local folder and timestamps are OK.