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Asked by Thomas Ward on 2012-11-08

This is mainly an FAQ for the devs who manage the bugs here.

What do bug statuses mean for FormatJunkie bugs which are identified as [PPA]?

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Thomas Ward (teward) said : #1

Unlike the rest of the Format Junkie bugs, the [PPA] bugs are usually workflow bugs assigned to trekcaptainusa-tw, or bugs related to the PPA.

The statuses of bugs for [PPA] bugs are different than the normal bugs. Those statuses are defined by the PPA maintainer.

The following are statuses and what they mean for these bugs:

New: Newly filed bug. Nothing has been done with this bug yet.

Incomplete: Requires more information, either to confirm, fix, or refute (Invalid / Won't Fix) the bug.

Opinion: This is an opinion bug. This includes feature requests for the PPA.

Invalid: Not a bug in the PPA. May be a bug in the source. This is seldomly used.

Won't Fix: The bug that was filed is not going to be fixed. Example:dependency issues of which the PPA version requires something that conflicts with something you're installing

Confirmed: The bug was confirmed in the package by either the PPA maintainer or the Format Junkie Dev Team.

Triaged: Not used for [PPA] bugs.

In Progress: A fix for the bug is in the process of being created and uploaded to the PPA.

Fix Committed: A fix was uploaded to the PPA for the bug, but has not yet been built or published for public use/access.

Fix Released: The PPA was updated with the fix, and that fix is now usable in the PPA.

Thomas Ward (teward) said : #2

This has been changed:

Triaged bugs are not high-priority bugs that require instant attention, but are ready to be fixed. Triaged bugs will eventually be handled.

Thomas Ward (teward) said : #3

There is a type of bug called a "REGRESSION". A regression happens when a bugfix breaks functionality or introduces high or critical importance bugs.

For 99% of all regressions in the PPA, they will be picked up by the PPA maintainer, set to "In Progress", and given an importance of CRITICAL. They should also be tagged 'regression' and 'ppa'. The title should also contain '[PPA] [REGRESSION]'