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Asked by Alfredo Maldonado Guerra on 2012-07-14


I wanted to know what's the browser that fogger web apps use? Is it firefox?

Will there be in the future an option to select the browser that fogger uses? I.e. will I be able to ask fogger to use say Opera or Chromium instead of Firefox or the default browser?


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kernst (kernst) said : #1

According to the developer's comments on Reddit (, the project uses WebKitGtk (

As such, it seems unlikely you'll be able to choose your own browser in lieu of the baked-in WebKit component.

Thanks Kernst.

If the developer sees this thread, do you think you could consider adding the possibility of letting the user use his/her preferred browser embedded in fogger and (WebKitGtk would be the default option). The reason why I ask this is because I observed that fogger's browser is considerably slower than both Opera and Chromium.


Actually, I noticed that the web browser used by fogger doesn't display youtube videos.

I really think the aim and the spirit of fogger is great! I really think that's the way to go with web apps in the future: more integration with the native OS. And I think fogger is the tool that best approximates this vision at the moment. But it looks like there are still a few issues that need to be ironed out. And I think that giving the option to the user to use whatever web browser he/she feels comfortable with as the "browser engine" in fogger would be a great leap forward for this tool.

Alfredo, as far as I know, support for other “browser engines” can only be achieved via plugins for each of those browsers. (For example, Ubuntu's web apps are plugins for Firefox and Chromium). Moreover, I'd think that using WebKitGTK instead of a full browser would make the app faster, not slower.

But I'm not the dev, anyway.

Best Owais Lone (loneowais) said : #5

This is an interesting proposal and actually this is what unity web apps is doing but I think fogger needs to be different from unity web apps or there is no point in it's existence. Lets wait for 12.10 to come out and see how we can make fogger work for people along side unity web apps.

Owais Lone (loneowais) said : #6

BTW You can make flash work in fogger. Read

Future version will support flash without any extra work

Thanks Owais Lone, that solved my question.