in firefox pages are displayed in half the srceen only

Asked by Cameron McGee

In Firefox 3.6 most pages are displayed using only half the screen area available , either half the screen on the left or down the center with i/4 of screen left un used on either side of page .
By pages i mean the actual web document, u.i. , general info and graphics are displayed on a blank background or art work back ground .
I'm using a 24" wide screen HD monitor.
I'm used too using safari , which is my preferred browser and didn't have this experience , as the Firefox results ,pages come up are condensed and I'd rather have the whole screen utilized.

Can i run safari in linux o/s ? i miss the bookmarks function in safari and don't need the add ons that Firefox offers .

Peace .......

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LtWorf (tiposchi) said :

Could you post a screenshot?

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Soul-Sing (soulzing) said :

i think ya have to delete your firefox profile ==> it will restore the default set-up.

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Cameron McGee (hollycams) said :

Hi LtWorf I've have saved some screen shots but i do not know how to load them to this post ?? Or where too post them ??

Hi leoquant I'm not aware of "Firefox profile " i installed ubuntu 10.4 ( a week ago ) and have not changed any thing except set up new repositories 4 multi media stuff (

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LtWorf (tiposchi) said :

You can use imageshak for uploading images.

To remove your profile:
- Close all instances of firefox
- Open a terminal
- Type "rm -rf .mozilla" within the terminal
- Press Enter
Now your profile has been wiped. This will also destroy your bookmarks!

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Marc Stewart (marc.stewart) said :

The closest thing you'll get to Safari in Ubuntu is Chromium (or Google Chrome), which also uses the WebKit rendering engine. You may be able to install Safari for Windows with WINE, although I have no idea how well it'll work, or if it works at all.

As far as your Firefox problem is concerned, that sounds like a perfectly normal display, considering the size of your monitor. Most websites are designed to be around 800 to 1000 pixels wide, with 960 being particularly popular right now, thanks to sites like the 960 grid system. When you have a monitor with 1920 pixels from side to side, the page will only be about half the width, with a quarter either side, or the remaining half to the right. You can press <CTRL>+<PLUS> to enlarge the page to make it fill the width (MINUS to shrink; 0 to reset) though this will enlarge everything, not just make the page wider. To do that, you'd need to override the site's CSS with an extension such as Stylish.

The other option, of course, is to unmaximize the Firefox window.

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LtWorf (tiposchi) said :

Please don't install safari for windows using wine!

@Marc: imho you should only present to novice users good solutions and not even mention the bad ones, they might think they really are solutions.

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