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Asked by Davide Mazzucco on 2011-11-10

sorry for my bad english. I'll make my best to explain myself.
I have a Bank account and a CC one. I have set 1 as CC close day and 10 as CC billing day.
I expect that every 1st day of the month my CC balance is set back to the limit and every 10th on the month the payments that i did with CC will be billed on the bank account.

Bank account: 5000€
CC limit: 1600€ - CC close day: 1 - CC billing day: 10
during the month i do 2 transactions with CC for a total of 200€ (so i see -200€ / +1400€ in the account list)
At 1st day of month i expect to see Bank Account: 5000€ and CC back to +1600€
At 10th day of month i expect to see Bank Account 4800€ and CC still +1600€

Did i get this right or do i have to manually do a transaction between bank and cc? Otherwise, what's the purpose of close and billing day for CC?
Thank you

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Hi Davide, what you saying is kinda make sense. But it is not possible to make it automatic in Financisto. At least not at the moment, I'll take a look how CC can be improved.

For now CC close day and billing day are used in CC statement generation. If you go to Account blotter, then click Menu->CC Statement.



there is another problem too.
lets say your cc's closing day is on every 10th and billind day on every 25th
and u do a transaction on the 12th. the billing for this transaction will be due 10th of the next month correct?

but if u go to the graphics area you will see that it counts the trabsaction for the day u did it: 12th

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